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There are quite a bit of words that could be used to sum me up - Quirky, Weird, Dramatic, and Curious could help paint the picture. As someone who works in the information security field, it's important to harness the weirdness inside and concatenate that with curiosity; ultimately making for some odd fun and great experiences. 

I've held a variety of positions, such as:

  • Naval Engineer (U.S.Navy)

  • Firewall Technician

  • Cybersecurity engineer

  • Information System Security Engineer

  • Pentester

  • Red Teamer

  • Professor

  • Content Writer (CompTIA, Medium)

  • Technical Project Manager 

  • Bug Bounty Hunter (Hackerone, Bug Crowd)

I'm a firm believer in living the best life that fits your wants and needs. I like to follow the "3-L" approach:

  1. Live the most satisfying life that fits what you want. You only get one chance, so try to make the most of it.

  2. Love anything and everything that life offers you as you make your journey and accomplish goals. Love what you do, the people who support you, and give back. 

  3. Laugh at the silly things, and other frivolous "stuffs" that occur. Laugh at your failures, laugh at your mistakes, and laugh in the moments and applaud yourself for your accomplishments.  

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