AWS Pentesting is a crucial part of testing AWS environments for compliance and security purposes


S3 buckets are one of the primary resources that AWS uses to hold data. Also known as the Simple Storage Solution, S3 buckets are great ways to hold objects such as data and metadata. However, much like other file storage solutions, S3 buckets can be easily exploited through simple misconfigurations. These misconfigurations can lead to data leaks and other serious security issues.


Lambda services create code that can later respond to events as needed. These events are anything that occurs within the AWS environment - HTTP Request, Modifications on S3 Buckets, or new EC2 instances being brought up. This makes Lambda an essential service when it comes to setting up and extending out a network and its services for an organization. However, Lambda does present some issues, such as creating weak restrictions on accessing Lambda, vulnerable functions that can make unauthorized actions, and rules built within the Lambda policies that allow for exploration to occur.

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