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The Student Roadmap to Becoming A Penetration Tester

This presentation goes through various steps on how anyone can bridge the gap between academia and becoming a penetration tester. This will include a breakdown of certifications to get, career fields to take on before getting in the industry, what to expect, and speed bumps and road blocks that students can expect to see in their journey.


The Veteran Roadmap to Becoming a Penetration Tester

This talk goes over the various steps that veterans need to take in order to become a penetration tester. From learning to utilize your network, knowing which certifications to get, learning technical skills, and penetration testing degree programs – this talk is for those veterans looking to make the switch into penetration testing and offensive security. Jon will use some of his own story of how he used to be an engineer in the Navy and turned that into a fulfilling civilian pentesting career.


Ghosts In The Clouds: Bypassing AWS Policies

This talk discusses various topics based around AWS security and Pentesting AWS.

Public Speaking: Projects
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